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A platform at the service of education and multimedia.
An interactive gateway to history.

The museum conducts educational activities and shapes modern patriotic sensitivity, contributes to the development of citizens who are aware of traditions and open world.

It presents the most important threads of Polish history - of the state and nation - with particular emphasis on the subject of freedom - parliamentary traditions, institutions and civic movements, the struggle for freedom and independence.

Urban Ninja Studio


Navigation and WCAG.
Visit every day, visit mobile. We started with improving navigation, implementing modern search mechanisms and adjusting websites to the needs of people with disabilities.

We have designed functional mock-ups for over 100 desktop and mobile views. At this stage, we planned the user's paths and content that should be on each page of the new website. We also prepared a detailed site map, which was the basis for the work of the development team.

The service is conveniently available from any device. We have designed screens both in the desktop version and for smartphone screens.

In addition, we designed a new content management process and CMS screens, which are used by website administrators on a daily basis.

Urban Ninja Studio


Our activities contributed to the award of the 2nd prize in the website category in the 'Visible Museum' competition organized by the National Institute of Museology and Collection Protection.

Concept preparation, typography, implementation, ongoing technical, creative and strategic support of the project.
When designing a new website, we had one goal in mind - is to be legible and simple, while ensuring non-stereotypical form and solutions.

Urban Ninja Studio
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