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What is Augmented Reality and How Does It Work?

Augmented reality complements the physical world that we are experiencing in real time, by incorporating digital data with the help of portable devices such as tablets, smartphones or a special apparatus such as Google Glass or HoloLens.

Why do the best apps to buy furniture online use AR? Because it saves both time and money, while giving you a broader range of products to choose from. Believe it or not, AR causes a 19% spike in customer engagement, with a 90% higher conversion rate. Almost half of consumers want to see more AR tools while shopping. No wonder that in 2021, 90.9 million Americans will use AR at least once a month.

Available on iOS and Android devices

Improve the shopping experience with some extra features like body and environmental occlusions (allowing people and objects to appear in front of AR items), real-time lighting, and more.

By tapping the “See It in Your Home” button under the product’s photo, you can view its 3D model in your room. With the app, you can visualize furniture, refrigerators, chandeliers, and even vases. In 2019, the application took first place in the Forrester Retail Wave.

Urban Ninja Studio

Available on iOS and Android devices

To make a successful app, think first of good app design practices.
We've listed the design practices we follow when designing apps for our clients.

Our team of experienced developers build robust, scalable products using native development and a reliable tech stack, to deliver high quality, cost effective digital products. From mobile apps to interactive installations, we specialize in helping partners create digital platforms, services, and products that enhance and amplify their business offerings in groundbreaking ways.

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